Shooting during your younger years may have been a hobby for you, but once you take it to the next level by treating it more as a sport, you should know that there are so many things you still have to learn. The good thing though is that you probably already have sufficient knowledge about the basics of shooting. All you need at this point are some important reminders to transform yourself into a professional in no time. 

1 - Always keep your eyes on the target. There's really no other tip out there that's more important than this. In this case, your target is the bird, which you will be focusing on its head before taking the shot. You need to train yourself you visualize your target, and although it's as basic as it can get, it's actually a skill that many people fail to develop. Don't focus on your rifle or its barrel. The key to good shooting at scopesforyou.comis focusing on the target. 

2 - Next, you gun must keep on moving. As a newbie in the sport, you will certainly fall victim to the bad habit of stopping the gun. If you continue doing this, you're actually bringing the weight back, which in turn will yield unfavorable results. In order to keep the gun moving on every single attempt you make, keep your head down and put your weight over your front foot. Of course, your eyes should always be locked on the target. 

3 - In shooting, good timing is everything. Even though you have mastered all the basics, including the right stance, focus, and all that stuff, you never will succeed in shooting without timing. The key to getting good timing is developing some sort of rhythmic pattern like counting before taking a shot. Know that the exact opposite of good timing is rush, so when you rush things, you're in bad timing. For more info about rifle scope, check out 

4 - Never underestimate the role of your feet in shooting. Many beginners at this mistake of appearing like their feet are stuck in concrete. If you don't move them, you will be creating some kind of tension and you also don't get the swing. Both are obviously something that wouldn't help your cause in getting a good shot. Another key element to a successful shot therefore is moving your feet. 


In the end, just remember that shooting successfully means getting coordination from many components, including your eyes, hands, and feet. But those are just the basics since the sport in itself is highly technical. It's just the beginning, but without knowledge of the basic stuff, you won't go any farther.