Take away all the ammunition from the gun - take away the magazine out of your gun. Next is, rack the slide then take away the cartridge from the container. Look into the magazine as well as chamber so well in order to verify that your gun is definitely empty. 

Move the ammunition away from the practice field -  humor me here. Obtain those bullets that you just taken away and put them out of reach from the practice field. it is stunning how the distractions in life can cause you to forget that you just reloaded your gun after having a dry fire shooting practice. 

Select a safe backstop and target - and because we are obeying the first rule and treating our gun at this site as if it is loaded, we necessitate to aim at a safe backstop and target during the dry fire shooting practice. I utilize a dresser that is backed up against the stairwell wall. If I did manage to launch a bullet at it, then the dresser will be filled with junk would avert the projectile. Here is the tip that you can use. You can line up the ammunition you have taken away from the gun on top of the dress. Place the grounds in the magazine next to each other and then set the round that you have taken away from the chamber somewhat off to the side. This is a visual clue as well as a reminder that all of the bullets from the gun, chamber and magazine are safely taken away. 

Concentrate on your front sight - concentrate on your front sight so that it is clear and crisp. Your chosen target will be somewhat blurry and that is just okay, all you want of your concentrate on the front sight. Your sight will somewhat move around a little as no one can hold the gun perfectly well. That is just okay and that is normal. To know more about rifle scope, check out 


Slowly press the trigger - don't try to press the trigger right away the milliseconds your sights are where you plan them to be - this will lead to the moving of the gun and you will surely miss your shot. Slowly press the trigger as smooth as you can while your sight is on the vicinity of the target. As you keep on practicing, you will be able to hold your gun at a lot steadier and the sights will move less on the target.